Five Questions And A Playlist:  The  Britanys

New York four piece The Britanys are known for leaving their audience members in a sweaty, dishevelled wake. With an effortlessly cool approach to indie rock, the band's catchy choruses and jangly guitars are enough to turn heads but it's the lyrical honesty that really grabs you hook, line and sinker.

Songs like 'When I'm With You' and 'I Don't Know How To Be Alone' highlight lead singer Lucas Long's no-filter approach to song writing and gives the band an integrity that puts them at the forefront of NYC's guitar scene.

Ahead of their show at The Shacklewell Arms, the band made us a playlist of some of the songs that have inspired them along the way and Lucas answered a few quick fire questions.

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Who were your favourite bands / artists as a teenager?

Jimi Hendrix, Cream, White Stripes, anything and everything to do with Haight Street in 1967. We’d skip school to go play music as my friend's Dad was the drummer in Further with Bob Weir and he’d let us use his drum room. I also played in a jazz band - so George Benson. 'My Romance' was my favourite jazz song to play on guitar.

When did you realise music could be a career?

Everyone always said music would never be a career, everyone always judges when you say you want to play guitar, parents and peers. It’s a funny thing, maybe just in America, where music isn’t taken seriously, more of a hobby. I don’t think I ever realised, it’s just more of an obsession.

Do you have a job outside of music?

Graphic design - don’t feel as cool with a Wacom pen as you do with a guitar. I always did the posters for my bands, it seemed like the only thing I could kind of do. I’ll always still do design, I have a love for it but as long as that’s not my only job I’m happy. I couldn’t die happy being a full time graphic designer, and when I do work I try to work as much with bands and musicians I like.

How well is live music supported in your hometown / city?

Bushwick has a community of musicians and artists that support each other but outside of that I don’t think there’s much support for the guitar in 2018.

If you could make one change to the music industry what would it be?

Everything, everything needs to change. The structure of society needs to change. The music industry is irrelevant and entering a dark period of payola, or at least from what I can gather. But I do think that translates to all industries. Once humanity is integrated in technology, I think that’s the only chance for prosperity. But then again what do I know?

If I could make one change it would be a direct band to fan structure where fan participation and band participation feeds into each other.