Chiara Gambuto

Each week we showcase a selection from a creative's body of work in the fields of graphic design, illustration, photography and video.

This week comes a selection from photographer Chiara Gambuto.

*All work is chosen and supplied by the creative.

I started my collection of music photographies in my early twenties. My first approach to photography has been instinctive and passional, without any logic or rationality. First I used a small digital compact camera that I always carried around at school, with friends, during nights out. At the age of 23, I then switched it with my father’s 35mm Yashica from the 1970s. It is still my favourite toy.

My photographs, whether of concerts, landscapes or portraits, are a reflection of my life and experiences. A sort of archive or, better, a diary that I keep updating every day. I think music is probably one of the best form of expression. It’s amazing and curious how our personalities are shown through sounds and performances. I usually tend to photograph people I know, or to create an “intimate” relationship with my subjects, so that it would come more natural for them to show their “persona” and feel comfortable around my lens and me.

While I photograph them, I try to give shape to my own emotions, fragility, and fears - I’m very clumsy with words, which it’s probably the reason why the photographic language is the most instinctive, honest and easiest way for me to do so.