Anna Louise Yorke

Each week we showcase a selection from a creative's body of work in the fields of graphic design, illustration, photography and video.

This week comes a selection from graphic designer Anna Louise Yorke.

*All work is chosen and supplied by the creative

I can’t remember a time I didn’t have a camera with me, though I started taking it more seriously after buying my first film camera, a Nikon F series. I shoot mostly digital now, but that camera still comes with me everywhere.

I got drawn into music after taking my camera to a festival and spending the day capturing bands and the crowd. I loved how unencumbered people can be around music and the whole visceral nature of a live gig. Since then I find it hard to go to gigs without shooting.

Now I tend to focus on portraits of individual band members, where I try to capture the raw intensity of a specific moment. Though I do love getting a crowd shot that captures the madness. I’m always aiming to harness the energy of a gig within a single frame to create a visual keepsake.