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Coronavirus: write to your MP
The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme excludes a whole sector of workers, including around six million self-employed workers. Below is a link to a template letter you can send to your MP.
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Cancel the Festival of Britain - Save Britain's Grassroots Culture
Music Venue Trust are calling on Boris Johnson to take immediate action to protect Britain's Grassroots Music Venues by reallocating funds designated to the 2022 Festival Of Britain and to enforce the official temporary closure of Grassroots Music Venues.
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Resident Advisor launch Save Our Scene Campaign
In an open letter, signed by more than 150 people in the electronic music scene across five continents, Resident Advisor are calling on collective action from the community to ‘save our scene’.
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NTIA #TheBigFreeze Campaign
The Night Time Industries Association are asking people to sign an open letter addressed to the government regarding various financial freezes.

“The Big Freeze is a portfolio of proposed measures to consider during the COVID - 19 period, in addition to the current measures that exist within the UK. We are proposing that all financial commitments to banks in terms of mortgages, loans and financial agreements be frozen, without effect on any current covenants or balances in terms of interest. Commitments will be reinstated once the crisis period ends.”
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