Album Premiere:

PAINT is the new project from Pedrum Siadation of Allah-Las. Siadation started four-tracking songs for his debut self-titled solo album while finishing Allah-Las third studio album Calico Review in 2016. The songs were slow-growing, written over the course of two years and influenced by the prose and poetry he was reading at the time.

We caught up with Pedrum to talk about his shift to solo recording. You can listen to an exclusive stream of the album below ahead of its release tomorrow through Mexican Summer.

He is performing live at The Shacklewell Arms on 4 December.

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Do you remember when music became an important influence in your life?

I was obsessed with the radio and MTV when I was a kid and I think it grew from there. I really liked Rock The Casbah.

What encouraged the decision to write a solo album?

It was less of a decision than something that slowly happened over time. There were some songs I was writing and feeling really good about that I didn't feel would work in the group dynamic. Once I accumulated songs enough for an LP, I blocked out dates and recorded with my friend Frank Maston.

Allah-Las have achieved great success as a band, what was it like starting again from scratch and going it alone?

It's been refreshing. I've felt really good playing more intimate venues with this project.

How did the songwriting process differ as a soloist to writing in a band? Did you find that the creative process was more pure having not been diluted by anyone else?

Yeah, it's different in the sense that I can write more personally, and it's easier to stay true to my vision for the things I've written. With the band, it's very democratic, and the idiosyncrasies I like sometimes get smoothed over in the final recording process.

What can we expect from PAINT in the future? Will this be a permanent project?

I’m going on a brief tour in Uk/Eu in December and hopefully will start work on lp 2 soon after. Yes I hope so..

If you could change something about the provisions made for touring artists by the industry or government, what would it be?

Less taxes.