Five Questions And A Playlist: Martha Skye Murphy

Martha Skye Murphy was just nine years old when she first entered the recording studio, where she recorded vocals for the title track of John Hillcoat's The Proposition. In 2013 she was the featured vocalist on Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds' album 'Push The Sky Away' and accompanied him as a backing vocalist on tour.

Martha's exposure to the music industry at such a young age has undoubtedly influenced her as an artist. Her latest single 'Black Eye' was recorded in one take at the 4AD studios, and is released today on Slow Dance Records. It is a bewitching piano and vocal piece that is testament to the immersive and melancholic world that Martha inhabits in her music.

We caught up with Martha after she celebrated the release of her new single with a headline show at The Glove That Fits last week.

Who were your favourite bands / artists as a teenager?

Blondie, Spiritualized, Nick Drake, Bonnie Prince Billy, Smog, Cocteau Twins, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Nancy Sinatra, The Human League, The Clash, Jesus and Mary Chain, Tom Tom Club, Patti Smith, Arvo Pärt, The Carpenters, The Birthday Party, Culture, Josef K, (early) Cat Power, the list goes on,  I don’t believe in favourites.

When did you realise music could be a career?

When I was 3 I would stand up on tables and sing at people’s birthday parties. I’ve always known performing could be a full-time occupation…

Do you have a job outside of music?

Yes, I am also an actor.

How well is live music supported in your hometown / city?

Very well. I grew up in London so I’m lucky.

If you could make one change to the music industry what would it be?

More women, always!