Five Questions And A Playlist

New England native Lina Tullgren is set to release their sophomore album ‘Free Cell’ on 23 August. It’s a marked step away from debut ‘Won’ both in tone and subject matter, and a more introspective look into Lina’s mind while left in solitude during the awkward time spent in between tours alone at their parents’ house.

The album was self-produced following an injury to ‘Won’ collaborator and best friend Ty Ueda. Of the process Lina admits feelings of pure terror. “Suddenly I had to stand on my own,” Lina says. “I had to be in charge in a very real way.”

Named after a game of Solitaire, Free Cell is based around the same quest for order with songs written as a way of sorting through emotions before moving on.

Here they provide a few inspirational songs as a playlist and tell us more about life as a musician in the current climate.

Order your copy via Captured Tracks.

Who were your favourite bands / artists as a teenager?

I mostly listened to appalachian field recordings and sacred harp singing and a lot of this Swedish band Vasen. Then I started working at a bakery with a bunch of freak musicians and they showed me The Cure , Brian Eno, The Twin Peaks soundtrack and Deerhoof.

When did you realise music could be a career?

I'm still waiting for the moment when i get to realise it .

Do you have a job outside of music?

I work at a restaurant and a record store.

How well is live music supported in your hometown / city?

I feel lucky to be apart of a supportive music community that involves bands and friends sticking up for one another, playing together and helping each other out. However, there are less and less venues in NYC all the time due to rising real estate costs and an influx of luxury condos; it is more difficult to open a sustainable DIY venue in this yuppie climate and most venues take a lot of money from bands despite the fact they are raking it in selling $12 cocktails to everyone and their mother.

If you could make one change to the music industry what would it be?

Oh boy, how much time do you have ? There are a lot of problems but i think I would start by getting rid of smart phones.