Working towards a fairer music industry

Route is a Community Interest Company supporting young people from marginalised backgrounds to pursue a career in the music industry by sharing stories, experiences and practical advice from within its numerous fields.

At Route we want to demystify the pathways to revered job roles, highlight the importance of less glamorous but essential ones and make connections easier in an industry that can be notoriously cliquey by accident and design.

What We Do

We identify barriers to entry through issues primarily related to our own experience of race, gender and class

We amplify the voices of all marginalised communities to show that intersectionality is key to creating impactful change

We highlight alternative ‘routes’ into the music industry and acknowledge that everyone’s career journey is different

We educate the next generation about the real workings of the music industry where traditional educational settings often fall short

We support employers to look outside of their usual frames of reference when it comes to finding and nurturing talented young people


Conference curation, workshop facilitation, job training and mentorships

Partners & Funding

Arts Council England, LNZRT, Waltham Forest Council, Youth Music

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